This is a set of 250 cards that includes all the basic Victory, Treasure, and Curse cards from the Dominion base game and its expansions. It does not include any Victory or Treasure cards that are Kingdom cards. 
All cards bear new graphics and are compatible with Dominion and all its extensions. These cards can be used to replace the basic cards from Dominion or Dominion: Intrigue, or they can be used with the expansions that contain no basic cards. 
The set also includes a new Trash card with new graphics.

250 Cards: 
158 basic Treasure cards ✴60 Copper ✴40 Silver ✴30 Gold ✴12 Platinum (from Dominion: Prosperity) ✴16 Potion (from Dominion: Alchemy)
60 basic Victory cards ✴24 Estate ✴12 Duchy ✴12 Province ✴12 Colony (from Dominion: Prosperity)
30 Curse cards
1 Trash card (used to mark the Trash pile)
1 blank card (to create your own Kingdom cards)

Year first published: 2012.

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Dominion Base Cards

  • 2,500.00Din
  • 1,500.00Din

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