CONEXUS 108 board game, theme: 108 ladybugs

Each hexagonal tile has application with three ladybugs, with particular number of spots, and differently allocated on all the tiles. Each player starts the game with a particular number of tiles which he will add, during the game, onto the common sequence of tiles which the players add onto throughout the game. Each player plays once and then the sequence is continued by another player. All players have the task of continuing the common sequence which they may do by placing an identical application on the tile placed by the previous player, but only if they have a tile with an identical application. If the player does not have a tile with which to continue the sequence he has to draw a tile from the free deck of tiles. The player continues drawing the tiles until he has a tile with which to continue the sequence. The goal of the player is to get rid of all his tiles. The player who first succeeds in getting rid of all his tiles is the winner. The board game enables strategic deliberation in the placement of tiles, as well as unexpected twists and turns. The dynamics of the game are excellent and victory is never certain until the very end. This is only a concise summary of the game with regard to the rules and elements of the game that are not mentioned, such as bonus tile designed to replace a tile in particular manner during the game. The design of the board, with the layout of the fields, further increases the uncertainty of the game and the ability for a change to a player’s situation. These changes may take the form of continuing a previous sequence or starting a new one in the location which the player, whose turn it is, chooses. Conditions for such changes are described, in detail, in the game rules. The rules are easy to grasp while the dynamics of the game, the twists and turns, and the deliberation, guarantee an entertaining time. It is intended for 2 to 4 players. Package contents: One board with 43 hexagonal fields, 37 hexagonal plastic tiles, 4 plastic tile racks, and instructions.

Year first published: 2015

Playing time: 15 minutes or less

Best with: 4 players

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Conexus 108 Ladybugs Theme

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